Saturday, 19 November 2011


Welcome to the official blog of the Swazi Diaspora Platform (SDP)!

If you are a Swazi or someone who is interested in the development of Swaziland, let's engage and learn from each other, we want to hear from you!

The SDP was formally launched on 8th October 2011 with an exciting seminar that featured Professor Shadrack Gutto. The launch inspired much reflection, engagement and a call to action amongst attendants.  The SDP is truly an objective platform that is not aligned to any political party, but is working with civil society organisations in Swaziland and around the African continent in an effort to promote democracy and African solutions.  The SDP does not prescribe opinions or views on anyone, and ALL Swazis are free to participate in the SDP.  The SDP seeks to promote engagement amongst Swazis to identify problems and solutions that will work in Swaziland.

There's a place for everyone in the SDP, whether you are into politics, social development, culture, business or education; the SDP seeks to be involved in all aspects affecting the Swazi people and needs input and participation from YOU.

So let's Reflect. Engage. Reach Out for a better Swaziland!

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