Wednesday, 27 June 2012




The Swaziland Diaspora Platform pledges its unwavering support to the strike action by the Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT). We feel that the demand by teachers for a 4.5% salary increment is just and correct.

We reject the false notion that government does not have money because we continue to witness extravagance and misplaced budget priorities by the government.

The Swaziland Diaspora Platform believes that education is an undeniable prerequisite towards social and economic advancement of the Swazi Society, and teachers are the mainstay of the Swazi economy by producing quality minds and skilled labour that is able to play a meaningful and productive role in the ever advancing global economy.  It is the right of every Swazi child to access quality education and by denying teachers fair pay, government is jeopardizing access to quality education and a means out of poverty.
We stand alongside the teachers because we recognize them as the backbone of the economy and they must benefit from their hard toil and investment. Teachers are the nurturers of tomorrow’s leaders, and every person who is a professional owes their success to the hard work, patience and dedication of teachers.

For the Swazi government to deny teachers a below inflation salary increase of 4.5% is like cutting its own nose to spite its face because to insist that teachers survive on a wage that has been compromised by inflation and the recently introduced VAT will undoubtedly result in the lowering of the standard of education and increased poverty.  Teachers can’t focus on their work if they are worried about how they will feed their families or educate their own children.

If the government continues to refuse to listen to the genuine pleas for a basic survival wage, then it goes without saying that government continues to bully workers, to bully the poor who can’t afford private schooling and to put the needs of the nation at huge risk at this critical time of the education calendar.

The Swaziland Diaspora Platform therefore pledges its commitment to work to magnify the struggles of the Swazi teachers and to offer our own practical solidarity towards this end.  The SDP also implores government to revisit its budget allocations and to prioritise the welfare of the Swazi people.

Statement Issued by Swaziland Diaspora Platform
Media Inquiries:
Ms. Ntombenhle Khathwane – Spokesperson
+27 72 327 6497
Twitter: @swazidiaspora

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